Black Diamond Sundae World’s Most Expensive Ice Cream Scoop At $800

Scoopi Café Black Diamond Sundae

This is not just Dubai’s most expensive scoop of ice cream but of the world’s too. The Black Diamond Sundae Scoop from newly opened Scoopi Café, a gourmet ice cream parlor located at Jumeirah Beach Road in Dubai has a princely price tag of 3,000 Dirhams, which converts to about $800 and change.

Only top quality ingredients will do justice for a scoop of ice cream that holds the “world’s most expensive scoop” record and Scoopi Café did not disappoint. The Black Diamond is a mixture of Madagascar vanilla ice cream, rare Iranian saffron, and slices of black Italian truffle. As explained by Scoopi Café, black truffle adds depths to the flavor. This being Dubai nothing is ever complete without a hint of gold, to prove that point every scoop gets sprinkles of 23 karat edible gold on top. Ice cream is then served in a fancy Versace bowl and spoon – of course at $800 per scoop customer gets to keep both.

Owner Zubin Doshi said, “Popular ice-cream products in the city are priced lower, but we expect Dubai’s increasingly aspirational consumers to readily pay a premium for a superior product.”

If you think you are priced out at $800 per scoop with the Black Diamond Sundae Scoop, which is totally understandable, Scoopi Café offers a range of other ice creams that are priced between 15-126 Dirhams that is from $5 to $35. The flavors include sea salted pecan, candy peanuts, and coffee – most of them inspired by Belgium chocolates.

Scoopi Café Black Diamond Sundae 2


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