Beautiful Chocolates Etched With Edible Holograms

Holographic chocolates 1

Swiss are the masters of the chocolate universe, they’ve been making them since 17th century. For the good of chocolates, Swiss are not stuck in the past and very much looking forward into the future. Morphotonix, a Lausanne-based company has found a way to make yummy chocolates easy on the eye by imprinting holograms on to them. They are doing away with additives, stickers and paint.

The method works the same way, the familiar security hologram on a credit card works. Microstructures etched into the surface of the chocolate refract light to create the holograms,which of course are edible.

The method starts by etching the required structure into a metal master mold. This master mold is then used to create plastic molds to which the chocolates get poured. Both milk and dark chocolate can be used, but because of the way different chocolate chemistries behave, some chocolates are not suitable for holograming. Morphotonix CEO Veronica Savu said, “We have been testing it with many types of chocolate. Sometimes it works great and sometimes no matter how hard we try it doesn’t mold.”

Morphotonix started out as a crowd funded company. They’ve been working on developing the technology since 2012. Currently they are busy working with a German chocolate mold maker to bring the product to the masses asap. They are planning to take coveres off the edible hologram project this week during the Interpack packaging trade fair in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Holographic chocolates 3

Holographic chocolates 2


Source: Discovery News and Morphotonix

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