These Expensive High-End Chocolate Easter Eggs From England Are Works Of Art

Chocolate Easter Eggs

There are just a couple of more days for Easter. If you are still on the hunt for eye-catching Easter eggs we have found a couple of them in London. Made from the best available chocolates and other ingredients by well-known chocolatiers, specialty dessert, and even a luxury jewelry brand. Keep scrolling for more photos of wonderful chocolate Easter eggs, and then head over to store to buy them.

Choccywoccydoodah The Hare Family
Chocolate Easter Eggs Choccywoccydoodah
This colorful egg part of a series of three large Easter eggs from Choccywoccydoodah. you can’t buy these by making a stop at their store – made to order only. Eash egg weighs about 100kg – that’s definitely a lot of eggs regardless of the occasion.

Bulgari London Easter Egg – £26
Chocolate Easter Eggs Bulgari London Easter Egg
This silk. velvety high-end Easter egg is from Italian jewelry brand Bulgari’s hotel chain. The egg is made from 66% cacao dark chocolate with a red velvet finish. Then there are decorations in feather-like gold chocolate ribbons and a base made from white chocolate and chocolate chip base.

Rococo Chick In A Basket – £42
Chocolate Easter Eggs
Here the large egg is made from 39% organic milk chocolate, with smaller eggs from caramelized white chocolate, and the cute little chick in marzipan.

Hotel Café Royal Easter Egg – £45
Chocolate Easter Eggs - Hotel Café Royal Easter Egg
This chocolate reminds me of lizards and dinosaurs, not Easter eggs. The Valrhona milk chocolate made egg comes painted with edible gold leaf and filled with salted caramel truffles.

Godiva Ultimate Treasure Egg – £60
Chocolate Easter Eggs Godiva Ultimate Treasure Egg
This egg weighs 778g (about 1.2lbs). The big egg comes filled with mini-chocolates in a variety of flavors and a selection of Godiva’s popular “pops” in strawberry ganache, speculoos mousse and raspberry cream. Available in milk and dark chocolate versions.

Classic Ostrich Egg – £75
Chocolate Easter Eggs Hotel Chocolat
Hotel Chocolat is giving you over a kilo of sweets happiness with this egg. Various shapes and sizes are made from milk, dark, white and caramel chocolates.

Laduree “Joe Milk” Sweet Bunny – £78
Chocolate Easter Eggs Laduree “Joe Milk” Sweet Bunny
No Easter chocolate collection is complete without an Easter Bunny. This yummy bunny from Laduree is 20cm high and made from milk chocolate.

Bettys Imperial Egg – £250
Chocolate Easter Eggs Bettys Imperial Egg
No matter how much money you have, you just can’t buy this in London. To buy this you have to make the trip to Yorkshire and haul all of its 5.4kgs to where ever you live. For that hefty price tag, there is plenty of chocolates for everyone in this Swiss Grand Cru Chocolate-made Easter egg with icing.

Hotel Café Royal Easter Egg – £600
Chocolate Easter Eggs Hotel Café Royal Easter Egg
For shelling out £600 you are getting plenty of chocolates – one-meter-high and 75kgs. Not a bad deal. The egg, designed by the hotel’s party chef Sarah Barber is made from Valrhona chocolate and painted with edible gold leaf. Inside is filled with gold Dulcey pecan nut praline. If you want to buy one better hurry up – this is a limited edition of two.

Godiva Easter Atelier Egg – £1,000
Chocolate Easter Eggs Godiva Easter Atelier Egg
This is more of a work of art than an Easter egg. Two of Godiva’s finest chocolatiers Jean Apostolou and Ilse Wilmots, handmade this 13kg, 66cm high egg in Brussels. The Atelier Egg features white chocolate butterflies in pastel colors. The chocolate butterflies are so delicate – Jean and Ilse made a special trip to London’s Godiva store to place them by hand. They created five of these to display at five Godiva stores in London: Harrods, Selfridges, St Pancras Internation and Covent Garden.

Source: Elle

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