Bathroom Suite Made From Belgium Chocolate Costs $133,000

Bathroom Sweets - Maderno Sweet 1

Cleopatra was famous for taking milk baths. Why can’t we take chocolate baths? Now you can do that, if you have the means and willing to part with some of it. UK-based bathroom suite maker got the idea to make bathroom fixtures from 100% Belgium chocolates by a simple case of online misspelling. After noticing that internet users in UK search for “bathroom sweets” instead of “bathroom suites”, Ian Monk, CEO of the company decided to team up with UK-based chocolatiers Choccywoccydoodah to create one-of-a-kind luxurious sweet edible bathroom suite named “Maderno Sweet”.

“We realized that over a million British people searching for new bathrooms were popping ‘bathroom sweets,’ rather than ‘bathroom suites’ into their preferred search engines,” said Monk in a statement on “The simple mistake caught our imagination, what if we created a bathroom suite, out of something sweet?”

The Maderno Sweet collection comprises of four pieces – a chocolate bidet and a basin with 210,000 calories each, a cholate toilet with 980,000 calories and a chocolate bath with 8 million calories. All four fixtures add up to a total of 9.4 million glorious calories at a cost of £80,000 or in $133,000 at today’s rate. In case you are interested, fixtures are also available to purchase individually. All items are custom made, so there is a wait time of 2-3 months.

Even though I mention of taking chocolate baths in the beginning, it is not possible with bathroom sweets. “It will melt if it comes in contact with direct sunlight, radiator heat or hot liquids. So it’s not ideal for running that relaxing bath!” said Monk.

Chocolate Bath – 8 Million Calories – £50,000 Bathroom Sweets - Maderno Sweet 2

Chocolate Toilet – 980,000 Calories – £14,000 Bathroom Sweets - Maderno Sweet 5

Chocolate Basin – 100,000 Calories – £9,000 Bathroom Sweets - Maderno Sweet 4

Chocolate Bidet – 210,000 Calories – £7,000 Bathroom Sweets - Maderno Sweet 3


Source: LA Times and BathroomSweets

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