The Baccarat Royal Sidecar Is A $450 Cocktail For The Glam Gods

Baccarat Hotel Bar NYC

New York is that one city where you can find everything and everything unusual. You can find portals to another world, hang out with superheroes, order the best pizza for the price of a subway ticket, and $450 cocktails in a galaxy of Michelin stars. Yes, you read that right – New York’s luxurious Baccarat Hotel serves a $450 “Sidecar Royal” cocktail in a gold-plated glass!

The magnificent 5-star hotel belongs to a 253-year-old French company that specializes in crafting the finest crystals in the world. The hotel’s plush rooms are actually adorned with these crystals and lavish furnishings. Luxury is woven deep into Baccarat’s opulent taffeta, and it radiates in every detail of the deluxe experiences offered in their Manhattan hotel – especially with their Royal Sidecar cocktail being the only one of its kind in the world.

Baccarat Royal Sidecar Cocktail

The Royal Sidecar cocktail is a harmonious blend of two rich cognacs – Rémy Martin Louis XIII and Grand Marnier Quintessence. It is garnished with a small squeeze of lemon and topped with a fancy gold leaf for the finishing touch. The Royal Sidecar is blended and served in the Baccarat’s signature 24-karat-gold-painted Harcourt glass at the Les Boissons Bar. The $450 cocktail can be paired with Foie Gras, or an exclusively curated cheese platter and charcuterie board for an all-indulgent evening. Guests can dial up the indulgence factor up another notch by pairing the Royal Sidecar with an order of The Bar’s famous Royal Transmontanus Caviar.

Matthieu Yamoum, Baccarat Hotel’s acclaimed Food & Beverage Manager is the creator of the bar’s latest concoction which has truly earned it a spot on the world map, especially with the price tag. With his years of experience and a knack for innovation, Yamoum is the key to what sets The Bar a cut above the rest. The royal drink is styled to match The Bar’s dynamic red, gold, and crystal décor. It’s grand chandeliers — the biggest one estimated to be worth $1 million and grand art-deco interiors make The Bar one of the most glamorous spots in the city. And with the $450 Royal Sidecar, the oomph quotient is only moving upwards to the stars. Are you ready to treat yourself?

Source: Luxuo

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