The Armani Fondente – Special Edition Pralines

Armani chocolates are a perfect example of mixing business with pleasure in a naughty kind of way. They sure are not thinking about weight challenge fashionistas out there, struggling every day to get into their skinny jeans without chocolates.

Anyway, Giorgio love to expand his Armani chocolate empire (remember those wonderful Valentines Day and Ramadan chocolates.) The newest addition is The Armani Fondente –Special Edition. Four different types of dark chocolate pralines based on best-blended cocoas make stage for the four flavors offered. They are Strutturato with its rich, powerful aroma; Vellutato, with its delicate hints of vanilla; Elegante, a sophisticated blend of tart flavors and full body and Contemporaneo, blending tobacco and woody notes with fresh hints of fruit.

Square pralines are elegantly presented in a bronze sheened exquisite box, lined in pearly hued silk and crowned with a gold accented Armani Fondente – Special Edition plate. Giorgio Armani’s favorite chocolates exudes everything that is Armani, from quality to taste to lifestyle

The Armani Fondente Special Edition Chocolate is available online and at Armani/Dolci stores. They retail for €120 ($162.)

Source: Sassy Bella 

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