Want To Celebrate This Valentine’s Day With Some Haute-Couture Chocolates?

Armani Dolci Valentine’s Day Chocolates

Armani Dolci is your one-stop shop!

Nowadays chocolates have become synonymous with Valentine’s Day. In fact to be more accurate it’s more the other way around, romance has become synonymous with chocolates! So its no wonder, the international fashion connoisseur Giorgio Armani has thought of celebrating this year’s Valentine’s day too with a focus on Armani Dolci -the fashion brand’s limited edition chocolates. As its ardent aficionados know very well, Armani Dolci specializes in delicate dark chocolate hearts with a luscious ginger cream filling.

This year in celebration of Valentine’s day, one 200g tin box of Armani Dolci -the dark cream-filled heart sensations- costing at $29 will offer a limited edition new praline with a 75% extra dark chocolate shell encasing ginger cream. This 200g tin box of Armani Dolci will be presented to you wrapped in an elegant red velvet pouch with drawstrings.

Armani Dolci Valentine’s Day Chocolates

In addition to the above, for $20 you can purchase another exclusive small red tin box of Armani Dolci Valentine’s Day Chocolates. This particular box will contain four heart-shaped chocolates inside it. The fascinating feature about this tin box is that it will open like a book to reveal the dark cream-filled chocolates inside it. Rest assured this kind of an amazing presentation of luxurious Armani chocolates will guarantee a sweet surprise for your lady love.

If that idea doesn’t entice you that much then how about expressing your love with two square pralines featuring the ‘A’ logo? One white chocolate with salted almond filling and the other 75% extra dark chocolate with extra cocoa cream.

If that also doesn’t suit your fancy how about a traditional chocolate gift box consisting of luscious sixteen pralines and tin boxes with hearts and coated peels? This traditional Armani Dolci Valentine’s Day Chocolates gift box will be available for $35 and will come wrapped in its own red velvet pouch with drawstrings.

With these kinds of sweet pamperings from Armani this Valentine’s day; the ladies are bound to be swept off their feet for sure, don’t you think?

Source: Armani Dolci

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