Burger King To Debut Aka Samurai Bright Red Burgers In Japan Next Month

Aka Samurai Beef Burger

After successfully introducing all-black Kuro burger last year in Japan with black cheese and squid ink sauce, Burger King is ready to tempt their Japanese customers once again with a special burger this summer. As announced by the burger chain, this summer red is the new black and tomato powder infused Aka Samurai burgers will have customers jumping for joy in the Land of the Rising Sun. The new burger will have a red bun that looks just like the sun on their flag, red cheese and topped with red “Angry Sauce” flavored with miso and doubanjiang – a spicy Sichuan fermented chili bean paste.

There will be two Aka burger versions. One for white meat lovers – Aka Samurai Chicken with a fried crispy chicken patty, lettuce and tomato. And another for red meat lovers – Aka Samurai Beef with a whopper patty and a grilled onion slice.

Aka Samurai Chicken Burger

Burger King Japan haven’t given up on the Kuro burger either. They are bringing it back for this summer with two new burgers. The Kuro Shogun is an eggplant burger while the Kuro Taisho is a beef burger with crispy hash brown. Both as was last year will come topped with black cheese and squid ink sauce.

Kuro Beef and Kuro Eggplant

New Aka Samurai and Kuro burgers will be available from July 3rd until mid-August. Aka Samurai beef comes priced at ¥540 (about $4.35) and Aka Samurai chicken priced ¥640 (about $5.15). If you want to go big they also have combo meals with fries and a drink.


Source: Burger King Japan

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