A $900 Cupcake From Toronto Pastry Shop Le Dolci Cupcakes And Cakes

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Money can’t buy happiness or love, but it sure helps retaining them both. A husband in Toronto, Canada placed a special order few days ago to make an exclusive cupcake with famed Le Dolci Cupcakes and Cakes pastry shop to celebrate his wife’s birthday. After all said and done, the extravagant cupcake ended up costing $900! Lisa Sanguedolce of the pastry shop, who is used to take cake orders for all shapes and sizes said “several weeks ago, a customer came in requesting a crazy cupcake for his wife’s birthday. The details were numerous – and expensive – and it resulted in a $900 cupcake, probably the most expensive cupcake ever made that we know of.”

Ingredients of the pricey cupcake includes a couple of tablespoons from a $1,000 bottle of 21-year-old Courvosier champagne, Kona Blue Mountain coffee from Hawaii, sea salt from Carmargue, France, organic cane sugar, Valhrona cocoa powder and Tahitian vanilla beans. The double chocolate frosting of the cupcake was prepared using Normandy butter from a historic French butter cooperative and Italian-made 70% Amedei chocolate that has traces of honey, caramel, lavender, vanilla, banana and orange blossom.

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The cupcake was decorated with edible 24 karat gold leaves, crunchy pearls, fondant flowers edged in gold, edible sugar diamonds, gold-painted branch with leaves and delicate hand-made champagne caviar bubbles. The special treat was set on a handmade chocolate cup that was also edible. A tube filled with Courvoisier champagne to drizzle atop the cupcake before feasting gave it the final luxurious touch.

Lisa Sanguedolce worked with Chefs Devonne Sitzer and Sharon Norman, and cake designer Annie Lee to make the expensive cupcake a reality, Toronto Sun reported.

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Source: Toronto Sun

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