With $7,000 Pink Bite Burger, Dubai Grabs World’s Most Expensive Burger Title From Vegas

Pink Bite

Dubai hold numerous records for world’s most expensive things, one of course is the Burj Al-Arab. As of last weekend they also hold the record for world’s most expensive burger, which they snatched from Las Vegas. Dubai’s Pink Bite burger was sold for a grand sum of $7,000, while the previous record of Vegas burger had a $5,000 price tag. The expensive burger came to be because of the out-side-the-bun thinking of Pink Caravan, a project trying to raise funds to help educate UAE women the importance of early detection of breast cancer.

The burger fund raising project Pink Bite was held at Galleries Lafayette in Dubai Mall, and ended up raising AED 72,180. The pricey burger was prepared by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Abdullah Al Thani, a Pink Caravan ambassador who is also the chairman of the Department of Statistics and Community Development in Sharjah. Organized as a celebrity event, there were three teams with Pink Caravan ambassadors whose task was to prepare burgers and sell them for highest bidders during the 45-minute auction.

The burger made by Sheikh Al Thani with the help of his sons fetched $7,000 and his team raised a total of AED 47,520. The second team consisting of TV presenter Saoud Al Kaabi and artist Fayez Al Saeed collected AED 13,000, while the third team lead by TV presenter Ameera Al Fadl came up with AED 11,600 – not bad considering it was just a couple of hours of work.

Anyway, there is one big mystery about the Pink Bite burger. Normally when there is talk about world’s most expensive this and that we get to know what the item is made of – for example we know what makes London’s Honky Tonk Glamburger, the glamburger. In this case we are left to our own imaginations to figure out what is between the buns, unless the generous individual who paid $7,000 decide to tell us about his/her pricey purchase (for a good cause.)

Pink Bite


Source: Luxury Launches

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