1800 Colección – A Limited Edition For The Luxury Tequila Connoisseur At $2,000 A Bottle

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There is a new blend from the House of 1800 Tequila. An extremely limited edition, the extra añejo 1800 Colección handcrafted tequila is a special release of just 40 bottles. Accompanying each hand-numbered bottle is a pewter decanter, a unique creation designed by Los Angeles-based artist Gary Baseman. Every limited edition come with a premium price and same applies to the 1800 Colección, which has a retail price tag of $2,000 per bottle.

The 1800 Colección is crafted in Mexico’s number one tequila production region Jalisco in the town of Tequila. Their tequileros with the knowledge gathered through generations and new innovative ways know how exactly to craft a quality tequila. They hand select and collect blue agave at optimal maturation, which are then steam-cooked in stone ovens for several days and double distilled in copper pots. This whole process in the end create a smooth liquid, which is then aged in charred French oak barrels for over three years. End result of this lengthy process is a smooth tequila with rich and complex character.

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The pewter decanter hand crafted by Gary Baseman is more a work of art than a tequila bottle. To find his design inspiration, Baseman travelled to Mexico to observe tequila production process. There he learned not only tequila making but also about Mexican culture and folk tales. His decanter named “Sirena Del Deseo” (“Mermaid of Desire”) boasts a decoration related to the story of true love and the fight to achieve it. The tale is about a Mexican warrior who perished in the ocean depths while searching for his enchanted mermaid. All in all it took Baseman nearly three years to create the decanter.

The 1800 Colección is now available for purchase in select retailers across the US. When you finally have it in your possession company suggests enjoying it neat or over ice.

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Source: 1800 Tequila

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