Zaha Hadid Designs Silene Cuff For Lebanese Jeweler Aziz & Walid Mousannar

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Zaha Hadid knows how to keep herself busy. This year alone she worked on hundreds of design projects, more recently with Black Eyed Peas singer and tech fanatic to design a range of Puls wearables. Her latest collaboration, again working on a wearable is with the Lebanese jeweler House of Aziz & Walid Mousannar. History of Mouzannar goes all the way back to the mid-18th century and today run by cousins Alia and Dori Mouzannar.

Hadid’s design for the Middle East jewelry-brand is a limited edition bracelet, the “Silene Cuff”, made from 18 karat white gold. Ever the architect, organic geometrics plays a major part in Hadid’s design composition, a web-like pattern cover most of the surface of the bracelet. There are 1,048 white diamonds encrusted to the cuff. Only 12 pieces of the Silene Cuff will be made, with each retailing for around $88,000.

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Hadid worked with Alia and Dori Mouzannar closely, especially using their vast knowledge when selecting precious materials. Hadid said of her partnership “Our collaboration with the House of Aziz & Walid Mouzannar takes full advantage of Alia’s expertise and Dori’s knowledge to explore the beauty of natural forms and the unique properties of its materials. Alia’s work celebrates materiality and composition in the rich history and traditions of Lebanon’s jewelers. Each immaculately detailed piece conveys formal complexity and precision with the highest standards of craftsmanship.”

The limited edition Silene Cuff is available for purchase at Zaha Hadid Gallery and from the Aziz & Walid Mouzannar jewellery boutique in Beirut.

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Source: Jewellery Editor

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