World’s Most Expensive Ugg Boots Comes With Swarovski Crystals And Costs $15k

World's Most Expensive Ugg Boots

Are these boots made for walkin’? In marketing speak it depends on “your purchasing power”. Ugg’s latest boots are decorated with Swarovski crystals and comes with a price tag of $15,000. Unveiled in their flagship store in The Rocks, the most expensive boots Ugg ever made are labeled “Punk Couture”. The punk inspired boot also features beads, studs and gems. So this is not the everyday Ugg boot that you can throw around when feel like it.

The base for the luxury Ugg boot is a pair of “East/West Opulance”. It took boot makers at Ugg ten whole months to design and create it, which included applying crystals by hand. In Australia at The Rocks store if you buy a pair they have jewelry specialists at hand to decorate your boots with crystals, if you can afford the right price.


Source: The Daily Telegraph

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