Top 10 Most Expensive Sunglasses In The World – From Bentley To Chopard

World's 10 Most Expensive Sunglasses

Sunglasses to hide behind… that’s the song. How about some seriously pricey sunglasses to hide behind or cry behind? For most of us, a pair of $300 Ray Bans means spending a fortune to look cool. That is not the same for ultra-wealthy fashionistas and fashion bhais. But the world is full of those who would go to extreme lengths to show status, even if it by wearing a pair of extremely expensive sunglasses. As we all know, it is not always fashion that attracts wearers to sunglasses – they were originated to protect eyes from sun, and wind.

The Roman emperor Nero – a different kind of fish altogether, is said to have used emeralds as eyewear to watch gladiator fights – not much of a macho man he was made out to be. If he had the chance, Nero would’ve gone for any of the luxury limited edition sunglasses listed here.

Club hopping at night, taking flight in private jet or soaking up the sun on the beach – for all these and more occasions there is an extremely pricey pair of sunglasses for you to choose from. Check out this extraordinary list of World’s 10 Most Expensive Sunglasses below – crafted in gold, high-tech materials and bejeweled by the likes of Bulgari, Maybach, Gold and Wood and Chopard.

If this story looks familiar, it is because you’ve seen it before. This is a popular story that is been doing rounds on the web for the past several years. Yet no one gets tired of reading about the world’s most expensive sunnies. Go ahead, read again to refresh your memory. Those of you reading this for the first time – enjoy!

10. Bentley Platinum – $45,000
Bentley Platinum By now we all know Bentley makes more than ultra-luxury cars. Their limited edition collection of sunglasses is a collaboration with luxury eyewear company Estede. The collection offer range of precious metals to choose from – pure platinum, yellow gold, and white gold. This stylish version is made from platinum.

9. Gold and Wood 253 Diamond – $55,000
Gold and Wood 253 DiamondTo put things into perspective – MSRP for a Mercedes-Benz E Class is $52,000 and change. For $55,000, these Gold and Wood 253 Diamond sunglasses give you a well-constructed frame decorated with 253 princess cut diamonds.

8. Bulgari Flora – $59,000
Bulgari Flora Eyewear made for a reality TV star – be it a Kardashian or a Hilton or a Trump. The 18 karat pure white gold frame of the Bulgari Floral is decorated with diamonds and blue sapphires.

7. Maybach The Diplomat I – $60,000
Maybach The Diplomat I
As far as a Maybach goes, the Diplomat I sunglasses at $60,000 a-piece is a bargain. A lower-end Maybach costs more than that. The German automaker like others in the industry branched out to offer more than luxury cars. They 50 pieces of this 18 karat gold and 174 diamond studded handcrafted sunglasses.

6. Luxuriator Style 23 Canary Diamond – $65,000
Luxuriator Style 23 Canary Diamond Among a host of European fashion and automakers on the list, there are a couple of them from outside. Jewelry by Franco is one of them, and their contribution to the world of extravagance is a stunning $65,000 pair of sunnies with a frame made from 18 karat gold and encrusted with 132 diamonds. Named, the Luxuriator Style 23, it has temples made from buffalo ivory. This is not just hi-end, this is high-tech as well – its photochromic lenses change tint depending on the amount and brightness of the light.

5. CliC Gold 18 Carat Gold Sport – $75,000
CliC Gold 18 Carat Gold Sport Life’s excessive include spending $75,000 on a gold pair of sunglasses – maybe it is on someone’s bucket list. Made from 18 karat gold, this Gold Sport pair from eyewear company CliC Gold features Carl Zeiss Super ET Anti-Reflective coating on the back and a magnetic connect mechanism on the bridge.

4. Cartier Panthere – $159,000
Cartier Panthere You can definitely buy a small house in Midwest for $159,000 before even considering a pair of flashy Cartier Panthere sunglasses. This special edition features a couple of 18 karat white gold panthers playing with balls on the temples. The Pantheres are covered using 561 white diamonds and balls features 645 blue sapphires.

3. Shiels Jewellers Emerald – $200,000
Shiels Jewellers Emerald The Australian jewelry house Shiels Jewellers made a pair of Emerald sunglasses, inspired by the aforementioned Roman emperor Nero. It took Shiels 5 years to find emeralds and then shape, cut and polish them into lenses – compared to this Nero’s reign lasted all of 13 years.

2. Dolce & Gabbana DG2027B – $383,000
Dolce Gabbana DG2027B Anything Italian duo Dolce & Gabbana touches turns very expensive. Their $383,609 sunglasses are not as colorful as their kitchen accessories, but they do have plenty bling to lighten up a dark and cold night. For all that money you can buy a decent house in a New York City suburb or gold-rimmed tinted lenses with a frame stamped with Dolce & Gabbana in white diamonds. Life is full of trade-offs like this.

1. Chopard De Rigo Vision – $400,000
Chopard De Rigo Vision For this kind of money, you can buy lots of things that are not sunglasses. Chopard’s creation named, De Vigo Vision is the ultimate luxury pair of sunglasses in the world, and the most expensive sunglasses as well. With a from made from 60 grams of 24 karat gold. The lavish eyewear comes decorated with 51 full-cut River diamonds and intricate gold work on temples.

Source: Luxatic

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