White Valentino Rockstuds Are Part Of Brand’s Resort 2018 Collection

White Valentino Rockstuds

The new Valentino line for Resort 2018 -Rockstud

Established in Rome in 1962, Valentino bags have always been loved for their effortless blend of Italian elegance and contemporary detailing in its collection; be it purses, clutch bags, and tote bags.

White Valentino Rockstuds

The fashion label’s newest successor -Valentino Rockstud -sums up and compliments the fashion lines bag-journey through the years since its debut. Over the years, the famous studs have been black, red, color-matching with the leather they sit on, replaced partially with turquoise, and, most frequently, shiny silver metal. For Resort 2018, Valentino has innovated yet another version: the Free Rockstud, which is pure, graphic white.

Having had its first appearance on the runway six months ago, many believe The Rockstud to have brought a fresh and crisp, even a young and unspoiled look to the designer bags, especially on the stud-covered Rockstud Spikes bags. Thus, this kind of look not to mention this kind of impression is considered an innovative first for the ever shape-shifting fashion motif.

White Valentino Rockstuds

The Free Valentino Rockstuds collection also includes color-blocked bags in navy, red and green that emphasize the studs’ new color. It is safe to say that without doubt, this latest collection of bags from Valentino add a punk-rock twist to haute couture romantic Italian opulence. The label’s trademark Rockstud embellishments add an edge to these sophisticated handbags, while their elegant prints, supple leather designs in vivid hues and moody shades make them fashionably iconic eye-candy.

Source: Purseblog

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