Scents Of The Orient Bottled In Vinegia Fragrance From The Merchant Of Venice

Vinegia perfume

Sometimes we buy perfume because of its bottle. Odds of that happening to the Vinegia perfume from The Merchant of Venice is pretty high. The colorful bottle in purple gets an absolutely majestic look from its gold strips. Don’t be surprised if someone nicks it from your dressing table. The Vinegia is inspired by the centuries-old trading and cultural relationships between Venice and the Far East. Master Perfumer Valerie Garnuch-Mentzel designed the fragrance with that on mind and notes selected prove that strong bond.

Here’s what Garnuch-Mentzel has to say about the composition, “My source of inspiration was to combine the opulent oriental world with the tender feeling of silk. So I started to build an intoxicating base of precious resins and overwhelming oud paired with strong cedar wood and animalic notes. To capture a velvety effect, I combined the queen of the flowers – the lovely rose – with sparkling Juniper. For the top note, my idea was to open the composition with fresh apple blossom, sweet red berries, and distinctive coriander.”

Vinegia perfume

The Vinegia is overwhelmingly spicy with oud taking the lead, a blend of warm notes of cedar and patchouli, and fruity flowery touches of rose and apple blossom made it a rich fragrance that perfectly represents the Orient and perhaps the Silk Road.

This is nowhere near affordable. A 100ml Vinegia bottle definitely setting you back a little at £250 or about $300. Harrods is big on the perfume if you want to buy. Check out the Vinegia and other The Merchant of Venice perfumes here.

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