Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – Scented Candles And Costume Jewelry

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Roses and chocolates doesn’t last long, absolute luxury out of your reach. It is at times like this traditional Valentine’s Day gifts like jewelry and scented candles come to your rescue. Beautifully made costume jewelry and luxury candles are perfect Valentine’s gifts, and they don’t cost you exorbitant amounts. For this Valentine’s Day consider gifts from Gwendolyn-Mary, a LA-based candle maker and Eklexic, a fashion jeweler from NYC.

Scented candles from Gwendolyn-Mary is an excellent way to show your love and appreciation. Their Pavane collection is named after a slow processional dance popular in 16th century Europe and the beautiful music pieces influenced by the same. The collection consists of three exquisite fragrances with top notes such as fig, orange blossom, Moroccan red rose, cedar and sandalwood. Pricing starts at $50.

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The highlight of Eklexic Jewelry is their one-of-a kind Handcuff Collection, I think this collection is a bit naughty but perfect as Valentine’s gift. The Handcuff Collection consists of bracelets and chains adorned with Swarovski crystals. Pricing starts at $175.

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Source: Gwendolyn-Mary and  Eklexic Jewelry

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