Tumi Celebrates 40 Years Of Making Luxury Travel Accessories With Tumi 1975 Collection

Tumi 1975

New Jersey native Charlie Clifford founded Tumi, the suitcase and travel accessories company 40 years ago in 1975. Clifford, who served in Peru with Peace Corps prior to starting his business named it Tumi after a Peruvian sacrificial ceremonial knife. They are celebrating company’s 40th anniversary with a new limited edition collection named Tumi 1975, perfect timing with everyone planning their summer travels to exotic places all over the world. The 12-piece stylish and versatile collection feature duffels, carry-ons, briefcases, totes, cross body bags, travel kits, passport cases and luggage tags.

Each piece of old-fashioned collection comes with Tumi’s original logo emblem, an elaborate design of the Peruvian knife and numbered. Tumi also pays tribute to materials Clifford imported from South America in 70’s by using South American light brown leather for the collection. Few of the pieces in the collection are accented with durable ballistic nylon, one of Clifford’s favorite design elements that he borrowed from jackets of World War II airmen.

Tumi 1975

Pricing starts from $75 for the luggage tag and goes all the way up to $1,895 for the carry-on. Available online at tumi.com.

Tumi 1975 Tumi 1975 Tumi 1975 Tumi 1975 Tumi 1975 Tumi 1975


Source: Tumi

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