Thom Browne Makes A $35,000 Dog-Shaped Crocodile Leather Bag For Colette Paris

Thom Browne Dog-Shaped Bag

I was looking all over the world to buy a dog-shaped bag with about a $35,000 price tag. Everyone in the fashion world knows how much Thom Browne like his four-legged friend, Hector. The famous Dachshund even has his own Instagram account with the handle @hectorbrowne. Thom loves his dog so much, he used Hector in several of his collections, not only in bags shaped like him but in knitwear for dogs as well.

This ultra luxury Hector bag is made from crocodile leather (and price wise in the same zip code as a Birkin).

By the looks of it, this is a limited edition available only at soon to be closed Collets Department Store in Paris for €30,050 (about $35,000).

Source: Highsnobiety

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