Thierry Mugler Unveils New Fragrance Line “Les Exceptions”

Thierry Mugler’s new fragrance collection saw its world premiere in Toronto, Canada two weeks ago. Now we have more information about the limited edition collection named “Les Exceptions” that comprises of five new fragrances. Five scents are called Chyprissime, Supra Floral, Fougere Furieuse, Over The Musk and Oriental Express. The collection is a collaboration between Mugler and two of the best perfumers in the world Jean-Christophe Herault and Olivier Polge.

The perfume collection unisex in its structure is created mainly around traditional perfumeries with fragrances based on floral, oriental, fougère, musky and chypre accents. The fragrances as described by the fashion house are “Daring, breathtaking, noble …. a new dimension in the fragrance universe, Designer Perfume. A collection of unique creations and original alchemies crafted around major themes of traditional perfumery. “

The “Les Exceptions” reinterprets traditional fragrances by using them in higher concentrations and mixing with new ingredients, while exploring new avenues and changing conventions to create scents that all sexes can wear.

The fragrances come in Art Deco inspired re-fillable bottles made especially for the collection. The bottle features a wide silver band wrapped around it as well as on the cap. The “Les Exceptions” is offered in 80 ml bottles and available only in Canada and Italy.

Source: Thierry Mugler

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