Couple Of Stylish Winter Boots To Keep Feet Warm

Gucci Embroidered Knee Boots

In 3-4 weeks’ time ladies from the northern hemisphere will have to remove their fashionable tall and short winter boots from closets, dusted them off and be ready for the big chill. Or, they can opt to update the shoe wardrobe with few new pairs of boots. Each season brings in new styles and this season follows the same tried and tested fashion recipe. Here we have a couple of very good looking boots, that are sure to keep your dainty (?!) feet toasty inside and make them look good from the outside. On the other hand are these boots belong strickly in “stylish fall boots” column, and not the “winter warm boots” column? Let me know below in comments.

When it is ridiculously cold it doesn’t really matter whether your boots are from Manalo Blahnik or Gucci. But boots from these two brands will make you feel fabulous with their stylish boots. Make your pick – flowery short or dazzling tall.

Manalo Blahnik Insopo Floral Ankle Boots
Manalo Blahnik Insopo Floral Ankle BootsThe floral embroidered fabric boot with an almond toe is made in Italy and has a $1,025 price tag. Insopo, also feature 3.5” block heels, side zip opening, and smooth outsoles. Head over to Bergdorf Goodman online store to order.

Gucci Embroidered Knee Boot
Gucci Embroidered Knee BootsIf you are a fan of Greek mythology, you going to like this boot, I think. It has Gucci’s unique tiger head-closure, a take on Greek god Dionysus, god of the winemaking and wine. He is also famous for crossing the river Tigris on a tiger. Back to the $2,480 black leather, Italian made winter boots. Right and left shoe come with different crystal encrusted and appliqued patterns. Right boot has a heart and a star, left boot the moon and a star. The 2.5” heel boot features a side zip closure. To buy head over to Gucci.

Source: Purseblog

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