Sophia Webster’s Share A Coke With Sophia Shoe At Printemps

Sophia Webster CocaCola Shoe

The Coke bottle turns 100 years old this year, an enough excuse for Coca-Cola to release all types of special editions to celebrate the milestone. At present the multi-national giant has an ongoing world-wide marketing campaign with bottles decorated in most popular first names in countries around the world. They’ve found another avenue to promote their personalized name campaign during Paris Fashion Week. British shoe designer Sophia Webster has designed a pair of special edition shoes named “Share a Coke with Sophia.”

On display at high-end Parisian department store Printemps, the “Share a Coke with Sophia” shoe feature brand’s iconic red and white logo and a high inch heel covered in a stack of red hearts. If you want to have a closer look at it head over to Printemps, because they released just a solitary image, that too on Twitter.


Source: Yahoo

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