Sochi Winter Olympic Team Uniforms

Sochi 2014 Team uniforms 1

Now that the opening ceremony is over at the Sochi Winter Olympics we have pictures of uniforms to look at. US uniforms from Ralph Lauren had fans and distractors when they were unveiled, but at the ceremony they actually looked quite good. But, the winner of the most fashionable uniform went to the host Russia, their Santa uniforms were out of this world stylish!

Sochi 2014 Team uniforms 2

Team Canada in their suitable for Polar Vortex uniform  Olympics: Opening Ceremony

Team France could’ve done better, after all they own one of the fashion capitals in the world AP SOCHI OLYMPICS OPENING CEREMONY S OLY RUS

Team Brazil with jackets matching to their flag color  Olympics: Opening Ceremony

And finally the winner – Team Russia’s gorgeous athletes in their fashionable Santa uniforms AP SOCHI OLYMPICS OPENING CEREMONY S OLY RUS


Source: USA Today

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