Shawish Christmas Surprise A Gold Bracelet Hidden In A Chocolate Egg

Shawish Christmas Surprise Chocolate Egg 1

Last Easter Swiss-based jeweler Shawish Genève unveiled a huge chocolate egg at Harrods with a $46,000 price tag. Teaming up once again with the celebrated chocolatier Philippe Pascoët, Shawish has created a Christmas chocolate egg from 65% black Venezuelan chocolate with an enchanting Shawish jewel hidden inside. All we can say is Shawish Christmas Surprise would be a perfect Christmas gift for your sweetheart with a sweet tooth.

The hidden Christmas surprise is a bracelet adorned with an 18 karat gold colorfully enameled Charm Mushroom set with a single diamond from Shawish’s famed Mushroom Collection. Speaking about the edible luxury Mohamed Shawesh said “I always wanted to stand out from the crowd and create marvels with a touch of poetry. Jewels that tell a story and deliver a message.

Seems pricing is on request only, however you can expect the Shawish Christmas Surprise to be priced along the lines of the Easter egg. The jewelry egg can be ordered in Shawish Genève boutiques in Geneva, London and from official retailers around the world. You can also contact them via

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Source: Jewellery Editor

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