Converse Japan Releases Limited Edition Sakura Shoes Made From Real Cherry Blossom

Converse Sakura Shoes

Here is a good chance for you to contribute towards the spreading of the cherry blossom trees in grief-stricken Tohoku region of Japan that was hit by Tsunami during 2011 …….To be a part of this worthy cause you simply have to purchase these Sakura Shoes (the Pink Kicks) produced by Converse in collaboration with the Japanese textile maker Toyoshima and then put them on your feet. When you buy a pair of Converse Sakura Shoes it will increase the cherry blossom trees in Japan, as part of their sales income will be contributed towards sakura tree planting projects implemented in the areas of Japan’s northeastern Tohoku region where a vast area of forests and vegetation got destroyed during the 2011 tsunami.

In fact, Converse has chosen three different eye-catching shades for it’s latest Converse collection.

Converse Sakura Shoes

“ Sakura” the name itself implies that these shoes have some kind of connectivity with the cherry blossom flower. Yes ! to give these shoes this beautiful soothing colour Toyoshima has created a light pink-colored dye that’s made with actual sakura petals, and that dye is what gives the special Converses their eye-catching cherry blossom colour. You may wonder how many cherry blossom trees lost their flowers in order to make this special pink dye. It’s hard to believe, yes! but not a single flower was plucked to make this special dye. Only the petals that have already dropped naturally from the branches of the trees in beautiful Sakura Fubuki (“cherry blossom blizzards”) have been used for this purpose.

In addition to these Sakura shoes, Converse had designed shoes in two other uncommon shades. one pair is in pastel colour, light blue and it is named as “Blue Mallow” (named after a type of herbal tea and the dye used is made with blue herbal tea mixes), whilst the other pair is called “Drip Coffee” (which use dye made from coffee grounds).

This wonderful collection of shoes in three different shades is so inviting to wear and go for a long walk in the sun during the summer. You may want to wear it right throughout the day as they are so comfortable.

Each pair of these eye-catching shoes namely “Sakura”, “Drip Coffee” and “Blue Mallow” are priced at 9,000 yen (US$83) and will be available from August through Toyoshima Food Textile online store.

Source: Sora News

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