Roberto Cavalli Gold Edition So Exclusive Only 3 Pieces Will Be Released

Roberto Cavalli Gold Edition 1

If there ever was a super exclusive perfume, this is it. Roberto Cavalli’s latest addition to his increasing fragrance collection is the Roberto Cavalli Gold Edition. Released as a limited edition, it goes to the extreme on the exclusivity by releasing just three pieces of it in spring 2014. Design of the perfume from inside out showcases Cavalli’s love of gold abundantly.

Perfume itself is pure gold. Cavalli Gold’s components are a mix of sweet and woody Arabic fragrances. Its top note is saffron that gives way to middle notes of woody and animal oud (agarwood). The fragrance closes with an incense base note that Cavalli refuses to name, to add a bit of mystery.

Roberto Cavalli Gold Edition 2

The flacon of the Roberto Cavalli Gold Edition itself is a work of art. The bottle and its crown-shaped top with Cavalli initials comes covered in gold leaf. The neck of the top features a collar made of 138 white and 121 black diamonds in one of Cavalli’s signature animal patterns. Additionally, the collar double up as a ring that can be worn on a finger or as a pendant. Bottle comes housed in a beautiful minaudière case, which Cavalli himself designed. Made of gold plated brass with a crocodile pattern, it is doctored with an eagle shaped tassel.

And finally, the Roberto Cavalli Gold Edition and the matching minaudière arrives at your doorstep in an elegantly crafted jewel case made of brown and leopard printed satin. Pricing information not released yet, no hurry we can wait.

Roberto Cavalli Gold Edition 3


Source: Fragrantica

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