The Retro Super Future Tuttolente Collection – Stylish Frameless Sunglasses

RetroSuperFuture Tuttolente Collection 2

Summer is here. Each and every fashionista planning to spend time sunning and doing other outdoorsy things must have a pair of sunglasses to protect eyes. The Retro Super Future Tuttolente Collection is for those who prefer stylish frameless shades. Technologically advance eyewear from the Italian brand is in so much demand they are sold out most of the times. Have no worry they are already working on releasing a new batch.

Brand used their most popular frames for the Retro Super Future Tuttolente collection. Drew Mama is a frame designed to take you back to the 60’s while Lucia comes with slanted corners. Also used are the W, Classic and Flat Top.

RetroSuperFuture Tuttolente Collection 1

The innovative eyewear is made from a combination of metal hardware and mirrored Zeiss lens. All three parts of trendy sunglasses – the frame structure, the lenses and the arms are carved out of a single sheet of Zeiss lens and held together by smallest pieces of metal hardware.

The lightweight Retro Super Future Tuttolente collection is designed to make you look good dressing up or down. Other features of the innovative sunglasses include flexibility, lightweight, scratch and crack-proof. Pricing starts at €179 (around $200).

RetroSuperFuture Tuttolente Collection 3


Source: Retrosuper Future

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