5 Great Ralph New Lauren Ricky Bags To Put Under Tree This Christmas

Ralph Lauren Ricky Collection

For fans of Ralph Lauren, owning a top of the line Ricky Bag is a dream. To brand’s credit, they have released different versions of the bag at different price points, so even a fashionista with a limited luxury budget can buy one. The latest avatars of the Ricky Bags collection include some pricey versions.One of them is the Matte Alligator Soft Ricky bag in navy blue, which costs an eye-watering $18,500.

Most of the other new bags in the Ricky collection are in the range $3,500 and under, which is great for anyone looking to buy as Christmas gifts or trying to update wardrobe for the winter. Either way, check out the various versions below and then head over to Ralph Lauren for more.

Soft Ricky 40 – $2,950

Ricky Bags Soft Ricky 40

Medium Appliqué Soft Ricky – $3,250

Ricky Bags Medium Appliqué Soft Ricky

Calfskin Ricky 33 – $3,500

Ricky Bags Calfskin Ricky 33

Burnished Soft Ricky Bag – $3,500

Ricky Bags Burnished Soft Ricky Bag

Matte Alligator Soft Ricky Bag – $18,500Ricky Bags Matte Alligator Soft Ricky


Source: Ralph Lauren

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