Platinum Stilettos From House Of Borgezie – $112,000

British luxury jewelry house, The House of Borgezie has a new attention-grabbing a pair of heels – “Cleopatra,” a pair of solid platinum stilettos. No other shoemaker in the world has ever made a solid platinum shoe before. Designer Christopher Shellis spent four years developing platinum processing techniques in high temperatures of 1200 degrees.

Creating shoes with precious metal is nothing new to Shellis or Borgezie. Their previous works include a diamond studded stiletto shoe that came with a hefty $160,000 price tag, platinum Cleopatra sells for a relatively discounted price of £70,000 (approx. $110,000.) Cleopatra is also available in 18 karat yellow and white gold at more affordable £60,000 ($93,500).

Cleopatra features the unique lily-stamen heel, replaceable heel, and sole caps. Shellis described the shoe this way “The end result is a creation of empowerment and liberation and something that suspends all women onto a perfect statuesque plinth.”

The House of Borgezie “Cleopatra” platinum stiletto have the looks and value, the House of Borgias would’ve loved to have in their coffers.

House of Borgezie - platinum 2

Source: Daily Mail

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