Pastel Bags For Spring 2018 From Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta Spring

Two New Intrecciato Knot Bags Coming your way…

For this spring, Bottega Veneta has introduced The Intrecciato Wingtip City Knot Bag as its latest in the range of City Knot Bags. Some of the shades in the limited edition Intrecciato Wingtip comes in are neutral cement and feminine lilac. Featuring,

Bottega Veneta Spring

Like the other BV bags introduced in September in NYC as a precursor to this Spring 2018 collection, The Intrecciato Wingtip City Knot Bag too features the Bottega Veneta’s trademark and iconic City Knot closure on the outside. While its inside contains an accordion gusset, three interior compartments and a slit pocket in the back compartment. This attention to detail in craftsmanship along with the intricately crafted nature of the French calf leather of this BV bag, make it not only a gorgeous piece of eye-candy but at the same time an extremely practical accessory. The strap is multifunctional as it can be worn over the shoulder in a single strap or doubled to be carried in hand. Standing at 6.3″ x 10.8″ x 3.5″ the Intrecciato Wingtip City Knot Bag is estimated at a $5,500 retail price.

In the same Spring collection, BV debuts an updated pastel version of its beloved Olimpia bag.  This newest Olimpia bag the Intrecciato Checker Olimpia Knot bag comes in two shades: peach and mist. While peach is a toned, almost-bronzed stunning shade of peach, the mist is a mixture of pale yellow and off-white. This Olimpia bag is unique compared to its earlier versions as it features contrasting Nappa and Ayers leather. This feature, in fact, accentuates Bottega’s classic trademark of perforated woven leather. The Intrecciato Checker Olimpia Knot bag’s twist knot lock is another classic Bottega insignia which has been inspired by its namesake’s branded jewelry line.

Bottega Veneta Spring

The chain strap (which is bi-functional like that of the City Knot Bag) and a lock of the Intrecciato Checker Olimpia Knot bag has a dark-gold sleek matte metal finish. The bag once opened, simply divides into two separate compartments on the inside with a single zippered pocket at the back. The Intrecciato Checker Olimpia Knot Bag is 6.3″ x 10.6″ x 4.3″ in dimension and retails for $4,950 exclusively through Bottega Veneta.

Source: Purseblog

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