Passion De L’Amour By House Of Sillage In A Diamond Studded Cupcake-Shaped Flacon

Passion De L’Amour House of Sillage

This is not the world’s most expensive cupcake or for that matter the most beautiful cupcake. What we have here is an ornamented flacon that comes filled with Passion De L’Amour – the newest fragrance by House of Sillage from their exclusive Privée Collection. This latest perfume introduced last year by Sillage arrives in their famous cupcake-shaped bottles, main difference is special edition flacon comes decorated with more jewels than their regular collection.

The flacon’s 18 karat gold-plated cap features a tropical gecko studded with rare Columbian emeralds weighing over 10 karats. Gecko sits in the middle flanked by two platinum set vines embellished with 300 sparkling white diamonds, just above all of it is a pink morganite gem nestled around a hand crafted mother of pearl flower.

Passion De L’Amour House of Sillage

The Passion De L’Amour is a citrus heavy oriental woody floral fragrance for women and men. It has top notes Bergamot orange with its minty aroma, saffron and raspberry. Middle notes are lily of the valley, amyris and raspberry with base notes liatris, agarwood (oud), vanilla, tobacco and patchouli giving it a finishing touch. The fragrance is a creation of noted perfumer Mark Buxtom.


Source: Luxury Launches

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