ORLOV Jewelry’s $5.5 Million Ruby Bracelet Unveiled At “A Precious Dream” Exhibition

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As an admirer of high-end jewelry this summer you have a great opportunity to view a wonderful collection of precious jewelry. London-based jeweler Orlov has announced a private presentation of their creations featuring some of the most beautiful and rare colored gemstones and diamonds as part of their summer exhibition ‘A Precious Dream’, held in the Hotel De Paris, Salle Puccini, Monte Carlo from 16th July to the 1st September. Highlight of the exhibition is the magnificent €4 million (approx. $5.5 million) ruby bracelet, set with fancy shape Diamonds, natural Burmese rubies, and a unique oval 12 karat ruby center stone, cut and polished to perfection.

One of the top luxury jewelry brands in the world, Orlov’s jewelry are made by artisans with years of experience. Founders Angela and Christian Orlov are involved in every step of the process from designing to sourcing gemstones. Celebrity admirers of exquisite Orlov Jewelry include actresses Uma Thurman and Ana Rivera, and the Olympic champion Anastasia Davydova. At last year’s Cannes Film Festival Uma Thurman was seen wearing Orlov’s in photos shot by Gilles Bensimon.

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Precious stones from around the world are featured in the collection and includes beautiful Blue Sapphires from Sri Lanka and Burma, Emeralds from Colombia and Rubies from Burma, Madagascar and Mozambique. Orlov’s specializes in making special pieces in limited edition and their yearly production is around just 50 exquisite high quality creations.

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Source: Orlov Jewelry 

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