Oliver Sweeny Secret Shoes Packed With Gadgets Will Make You The Sleekest Superspy

Oliver Sweeny Secret Shoes

Now there is only one James Bond, but you can bond with him over these Deerskin Derby’s that are every sleek spy’s dream! The high-end British brand Oliver Sweeny and luxury online store VeryFirstTo have come together to give you a superspy shoe like no other. For the price of $2,715, these hand-crafted beauties accomplish a lot more than your style mission. Oliver Sweeny’s cobbler-in-chief, Tim Cooper, is the mastermind behind this creation that allows you to be stealthily fashionable.

The Secret Shoe is a luxurious derby that conceals a multitude of gadgets that are only known by the wearer. It’s a shoe designed for extraordinary missions and everyday emergencies from losing your jacket on a night out to being kidnapped.

Oliver Sweeny Secret Shoes

The Oliver Sweeny Secret Shoes are custom made for each order in black, brown or tan with a lead time of roughly six weeks. Tim Cooper uses his experience and skill of three decades for these custom shoes right from sourcing the finest red deer hide in the Scottish estates to finding talented artisans in Ancona, Italy for your top secret accessory. Each hide is exceptional, reflecting the wild existence of the deer through the nicks and scratches meaning no two are ever the same (unlike the James Bond movies). Oliver Sweeny’s master clicker Gianni cuts the leather by hand for each piece giving a whole new level of exclusivity to your shoe being solely for you.

The made-to-order shoes have 12 gadgets and tools masked in style without compromising on the fit – because to run for your life, the shoe must be comfortable. Each shoe features a hidden compartment in the sole that can hold 3 gizmos per shoe. The range of spy knick0knacks for the shoes include – Long-CV which is the world’s smallest phone, an Enklov pocket camera with night vision and HD visuals, a mini Swiss army knife, a GPS device, a choice of currency capsule (£50; €50; or $50); and the world’s most advanced contactless payment ring. And there is also an aftershave atomizer and compass in case you need to track down a party. But spies are human too, and like the rest of us, they also forget their keys sometimes. However, this shoe takes care of that for you with a special pocket for spare key.

The bespoke shoes have laces made from Kevlar to tie all the swag up neatly. They also double up as a friction saw and are able to cut through wood or plastic, in case you ever find yourself zip-tied, you can sole-lace in knowing that the shoe will help you escape. The finishing touch is the leather sole that can be inscribed with personal details by the in-house fire writer at Oliver Sweeny – keeping alive the brand’s fondness for tattoo details on their pieces. Are you ready for cocktails and battles Agent 008? Tuxedo optional, Oliver Sweeny Secret Shoes mandatory for this mission.

Source: VeryFirstTo

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