Nordstrom Is Selling $425 Distressed Jeans Covered In Fake Mud, So You Can Look Rugged

Nordstrom Muddy Distressed Jeans

Last year Barney’s New York introduced a limited edition collection named Distressed Superstar Sneakers in a collaboration with luxury footwear brand Golden Goose. Their stylishly worn-out $600 ripped sneaker pairs had lots of dirt, and duck tape. As of a few days ago, Nordstrom is selling a pair of jeans covered in fake mud – yes fake mud! For good measure, Nordstrom named them Distressed Jeans and priced them $425.

Muddy Jeans/Distressed Jeans are designed by PRPS. The fashion brand has made a name for itself since the early 2000s with their innovative denims and designs. PRPS also sells a $228 pair of jeans named Erosion – wearing this pair will make you look like you just came back from your drywall and paint job.

Nordstrom Muddy Distressed Jeans

If you are a potato farmer from Idaho these jeans are just for you, at least according to Nordstrom description “comfortable straight-leg fit embody rugged, Americana workwear that’s seen some hard-working action with a crackled, caked-on muddy coating that shows you’re not afraid to get down and dirty.”

Head over to Nordstrom online store to buy your pair Distressed Jeans. You can visit PRPS here for a pair of Erosion. Good news… Barney’s still selling some of those Distressed Sneakers – yours for $610.

Source: Huff Post

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