These Nice Laundry Gold Embroidered Cashmere Briefs Are The World’s Most Expensive Men’s Underwear

Nice Laundry Most Expensive Mens Underwear

Did you ever think that the price of men’s underwear made by an unknown brand name will supersede the price of a well-known branded women’s lingerie? Believe it or not, it is happening. The brand “Nice Laundry” had been innovative towards making the world’s most expensive pair of briefs – priced at $1,000.

Monogram of the brand of the underwear is hand embroidered with 24-karat gold thread and it is made out of 100% cashmere, and remember that there is no wool blend or used any low-grade raw material.

Nice Laundry Most Expensive Mens Underwear

The unique feature of this men’s underwear is that a personalized logo can be embraided in 24-carat gold placing between the price tag and the instructions label. Anybody can choose crazy, fun loving, serious or no sense, etc, etc logo that represents one’s self.

Hats off to “Nice Laundry” for taking a hugely risky project involving hand sewing of the men’s boxer, embroidering either brand’s monogram or the personalized icon in gold thread. In a female-dominated lingerie world introduction of such a men’s underwear is amazing.

Ladies! now it’s your chance to show how much you love and care of your loved one by giving this most expensive unique piece of undergarment to your better half. It can be to celebrate your Anniversary, wedding or better half’s birthday. Regardless of the special moment, the receiver will be over the moon to receive such an expensive gift.

Nice Laundry co-founder Ricky Choi said, “We started with 100% cashmere——and worked with a team here in New York to hand sew each pair.” He added, “these might be totally impractical, but we’re really, really proud of them.”

Source: Luxury Launches

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