The New Louis Vuitton Marble Derby

Louis Vuitton has gone a little further and far to its favorite theme this year – “traveler,” to find inspiration for its newest Derby.  The new Derby range is an “explorer” inspired Louis Vuitton Marble Derby in Grained and Plain Calf. Marble Derby gives a modern interpretation to a traditional style with its larger than normal details, like the handcrafted three layer sole.

The main feature of the shoe is its thick sole. Three layer sole is made up of a leather welt on the upper part, a micro mid-sole and a rubber sole at the bottom. Upper and mid soles are connected by a layer of double seam stitched concentrated cork. With no internal sewing between outer and inner soles, shoe carries no internal sewn holes. This, in turn, ends up providing perfect insulation in any weather, be it cold, heat or soil moisture. Hence a perfectly comfortable shoe to wear when mountain hiking Appalachians, desert hiking Mojave or just walking in New York.

Because of the leather and welt construction, Derby has one disadvantage. When new it tends to be stiff, shoe needs breaking before it gets molded your feet to be comfortable.

Louis Vuitton - Derbies 2

The calfskin Derby is available in three colors – burgundy (US), black and bottle green (UK, Europe.) The shoe is completed with extra-large eyelets, perforations, padded in socks and LV emboss on the side. The Marble Derby is a perfect example of old meeting the new. Price $795, £525,  €560.

Louis Vuitton - Derbies 3

Source: Embelezzia and Luxury Launches

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