Moynat And Guerlain Creates A Beauty Case To Celebrate Orient Express

LVMH owned luxury brands Moynat and Guerlain has teamed up with the re-launched Orient Express luxury train to create an exclusive malle de beauté or beauty case. From the outside noticeable straight away is its vegetable-tanned calfskin in the Orient Express’ signature blue and gold-plated hardware.

Each custom-made case features trays of various sizes, hen opened trays expands to reveal Guerlain beauty products nestled inside with a vintage Baccarat bottle of the Shalimar fragrance taking the center stage. Made from lightweight material that includes uncovered apple tree wood hinges, its interiors are lined in beige velvet like fabric. When the case lid is open, a backlit mirror magically appears to illuminate the interiors. In addition being a vanity case, it can be used to store jewelry and watches as well.

Moynat And Guerlain Beauty Case 2

The case design is similar to the ones preferred by Europe’s aristocratic ladies and wealthy alike during the glory days of railroad travel in the early last century. Moynat is one of the first companies to benefit from the French railway system, as both originated around the same time.

Making of each malle de beauté takes 250 hours, this fact is very well reflected in the pricing. Depending on customization each will cost between €4,000 ($5,539) and €40,000 ($55,385).

Moynat And Guerlain Beauty Case 3

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