Misfit And Swarovski Add Bling To Fitness Trackers And Call The Collection Swarovski Shine

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I suppose we all can safely say “we saw this coming.” Except for Samsung and LG no one really thought of glamming fitness trackers up, until now. There was no chance any lady with an ounce of fashion in her wearing a too-technical looking tracker to a dinner party, theater or opera. Thankfully that issue is now solved. At the ongoing CES in Las Vegas, Misfit has introduced a new collection designed in collaboration with Swarovski, named the Swarovski Shine it is destined to be a shining light on a fitness conscious fashionistas dainty wrist.

If you don’t know what it is just by looking at the Swarovski Shine, I can assure you not many can tell that it is a fitness tracker either. It just looks like a crystal adorned bracelet. Also, the Shine collection will not be limited to bracelets, they plan to offer pendants and other fashionable crystal-studded health trackers. Mifit’s sensors for motion and sleep-monitoring, as well as lights that glow are tucked behind the crystal.

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Perhaps you are wondering how Swarovski Shine get its power, wonder no more. The clear versions are powered by a watch battery. The real innovation arrives for the Swarovski Shine by way of solar power, used exclusively on the purple version. The purple Shine consists of a solar cell aka “energy crystal” that can be charged by exposing to the sun or in indoors to LED and halogen lights. This assures the tracker will never be out of power.

With all the bling added you can’t expect trackers to come priced at the same $100 range. The Swarovski Shine sold in three design sets are priced between $169.99 and $249.99. Each set will include a tracker and two accessories such as a band or clip. The Swarovski Shine is now available for pre-order from Swarovski and Misfit. Sale in stores will begin in spring.

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Source: The Verge

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