“Mirage” Diamond Easter Egg Worth $8.4 Million

Mirage Diamond Easter Egg 1

This is the most expensive diamond Easter egg in the world at the moment. Its anonymous owner has spent $8.4 million to get it custom made with the message “world peace” inscribed on it. Engraving any message on a beautifully crafted egg is not something Fabergé would’ve done, but not every jewelry designer can be a Fabergé.

Named “Mirage,” the egg comes studded with over 1,000 dazzling diamonds. The shell is encrusted with 100 diamonds in a unique cut and said to worth $2.5 million. And folks at UK’s Daily Mail labels this egg as a cross between a Fabergé egg and Damien Hirst skull.

Hidden inside the Mirage is some very intricate work of art. When the top shell is raised an 18 karat gold hand-crafted globe come in to the view. Resting inside the globe is a dove made from rock crystal perched on a gold olive branch.

Mirage Diamond Easter Egg 2

It has taken three years for the designer Manfred Wild to create the egg along with artisans from three continents.

Though not for sale at the moment, jeweler Vashi Dominquez said for the right price, read “multiple millions”, the billionaire owner might be ready to part with his treasured jewel. Added Dominguez’The owner doesn’t need to sell Mirage, but it is all about one-upmanship in the world of the billionaire and money does talk. Owning this special item would be a great coup for someone for whom money is no object.”

If money is no object to you, please jump into start a bidding war for this diamond encrusted, glamorous Easter egg named Mirage. If you are looking for an edible Easter egg with a surprise check this from Harrods, and the egg is priced reasonably so any multi-millionaire can afford it.

Mirage Diamond Easter Egg 3 Mirage Diamond Easter Egg 4 Mirage Diamond Easter Egg 5 Mirage Diamond Easter Egg 6


Source: Daily Mail

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