MiN New York – The Old Curiosity Shop Of Bespoke Perfumes

MiN New York

It’s pretty simple – if you want to buy a luxury branded perfume you go to a luxury department store or that particular brand’s boutique. On the other hand, if your preference is for authentic all natural perfumes your best bet is heading to an independent perfumery. MiN New York is one of the top independent perfumers in the world and carries an amazing collection of haute perfumes. They also sell other exclusive products including scented luxury candles, soaps, mustache wax, razors, and chocolates. As of last year, MiN offers their own line of perfumes, in addition to grooming products.

Their Soho, NYC store has an old world charm to it (reminds me of traditional medicine stores in Asia or even this Starbucks store in French Quarter in New Orleans), a look greatly enhanced by the dark-themed interiors that feature wood cabinets, hardwood floors, leather sofas and the wood ladder.

Here I have listed five out of over 50 new arrivals to their online store. If you are in New York and shopping for bespoke perfumes and other rare items spend some time at MiN New York, it will be a one-of-a-kind experience.

Xerjoff Oud King Masarat – $470 Xerjoff Oud King Maserat

The Vagabond Swan Princess – $200 Vagabond Prince - Swan Princess

Keiko Mecheri Ambre Mirabilis and Vetyver – $220 Keiko Mecheri Parfumes

Kerosene Unforsaken – $140 Unforsaken by Kerosene

Fornasetti Scented Candles – $175 Fornasetti Scented Candles

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