MAC x Cinderella – A Make Up Collection Fit For A Princess

MAC x Cinderella 6

With movie release date is getting closer and closer, Cinderella and Disney are in full publicity blitz mode once again this week. After showcasing fancy Cinderella-themed shoe collections from world’s best shoe designers such as Charlotte Olympia and Christian Louboutin, Disney turned its attention to introduce the Cinderella-themed make-up collection, a collaboration with MAC. The limited edition MAC x Cinderella is a collection of sparkling beauty products that range from make-up blushes to brushes.

Some of you movie fans may remember, the two companies worked together last year to bring the MAC x Maleficent collection for Angelina Jolie movie. The MAC x Cinderella is a 17-piece collection that include some of cosmetic firm’s best known products. They vary from a silvery loose glitter,  to peachy-pink lipstick aptly named “Glass Slipper”. Packaging of the collection is color coordinated to Cinderella’s iconic sky-blue and gold shades that are also part of movie’s logo, advertising as well as other merchandise ventures.

The MAC x Cinderella collection is now available in stores and online. The US release of the movie is scheduled for March 13th, while UK release is on March 27th.

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