Luxury Brand Logo Inspired Fabulous Nail Art To Wear This Summer

Luxury Brand Logo Manicure

There are two ways to look at this – your nails now act as unpaid brand ambassadors or now your nails can wear brands too. Either way, ever since Balenciaga models walked on Fall 2017 runway with their fingernails decorated with brand’s “B”, there is a huge luxury brand logo nail mania in the fashion world. Now manicurists around the fashion world are using the method to highlight brand’s name even more. For Marc Jacob’s runway show, New York-based Jin Soon Choi designed sets of customized nail arts with company’s logo on them.

The person who is responsible for starting this fashion trend with Balenciaga is Mei Kawajiri, the Japanese-born manicurist to the stars. Mei is a prolific Instagrammer and regularly update the feed with latest work and designs for her fashion-forward, beauty conscious 60,000 followers. As a manicurist to the stars, Mei maybe out of your league. She doesn’t have a salon, she does her magic by visiting customers at their places – means, she charges big bucks to brand your nails with Balenciaga, Gucci, Hermès, Louis Vuitton and Ralph Lauren.

Artist Petra Collins is one very happy brand ambassador. The face of Gucci’s newest fragrance, Petra got her manicurist Madeline Pro to decorate her pale pink painted nails with Gucci logo – which in fact is a sticker with gold lettering.

Luxury Brand Logo Manicure

Source: Vogue

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