Louis Vuitton’s Louboutin Designed $23,300 Shopping Trolley

Louis Vuitton Louboutin Shopping Trolley 1

Have you ever thought of dropping $23,300 on a shopping trolley, the same kind you see granny take to the grocery store? Designed by Christian Louboutin for Louis Vuitton’s “The Icon and Iconoclasts” project to celebrate the LV monogram, shopping trolley is full of signature designs of Louboutin and Louis Vuitton.

Louboutin design DNA on the Monogram canvas include studs on the front pocket and LV trunk-inspired golden brass corners. Its fabulous Siamoise stand come with Louboutin’s iconic red-soles. Red trimmings also appear on Toron handles and knitted leather ribbons. The back panel of the shopping trolley is made from bright red calf-hair.

“A classic bag, the most Parisian bag so that you can be super glamorous. You don’t have to feel like a loser with your leeks inside your bag.” said Christian Louboutin about his $23k shopping trolley.

Few other accessories complete the Shopping Trolley ensemble – a removable Monogram Lace clutch and a red-trimmed luggage tag with a large graphic LV logo as well as a pocket mirror with red-trim. This fashionable trolley’s interiors are lined with natural cow hide. And there is plenty of room for those leeks Louboutin talking about, you can even stick couple of baguettes in there as it measures 12.2″ X 29.1″ X 8.6″.

Louis Vuitton Louboutin Shopping Trolley 2


Source: Louis Vuitton

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