Louis Vuitton “The Timeless Muses” Exhibition Pays Homage To Its Muses

Louis Vuitton - The Timeless Muses 1

Fashion power house Louis Vuitton certainly knows how to pay homage to its valued brand ambassadors and of course muses. With “The Timeless Muses” exhibition Louis Vuitton celebrating the women that helped make them the envy of the fashion world. These women inspired Louis Vuitton with their creativity, style and beauty.

Louis Vuitton pays tribute to six women from different fields in art and fashion industry. The six are director Sofia Coppola, actress Catherine Deneuve, novelist Françoise Sagan, architect Charlotte Perriand and nineteenth-century French Empress consort Eugénie de Montijo.

Meet the story of these Timeless Muses at Tokyo Station Hotel from August 31st to September 23rd.

Timeless: Catherine Deneuve was also celebrated alongside Kate at the fashion event



Source: Daily Mirror

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