Louis Vuitton “The Icon and The Iconoclasts” Project Celebrates LV Monogram

Louis Vuitton - The Icon and The Iconoclasts 1

It’s been long 160 years since Monsieur Louis Vuitton opened his first luggage and suitcase business in 1854 at No. 4 Rue des Capucines near the Place Vendôme in Paris. He made the best available travel trunks of the world at the time with rounded tops that allows water to runoff and waterproof canvas. In his memory, his son Georges Vuitton created the iconic “LV” monogram Louis’ initials and decorated it with quarter foils and four-petal flowers. The Monogram Geroges created is now an iconic fashion symbol instantly recognized by any fashionista in four corners of the world. To celebrate House of Louis Vuitton’s 160th year, with LV Monogram as the star LVMH has invited six well-known talents from the design, fashion and art world to participate in “The Icon and The Iconoclasts: Celebrating Monogram” project.

Those who had the honor to honor the LV monogram include designer Karl Lagerfeld, architect Frank Gehry, performance artist Cindy Sherman, industrial and product designer Marc Newson, shoe designer Christian Louboutin and Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garçons. All have stepped up to the plate and interpreted the monogram with beautiful creations.

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“A classic bag, the most Parisian bag so that you can be super glamorous. You don’t have to feel like a loser with your leeks inside your bag.” said Christian Louboutin whose contribution is a caddy bag. His caddy features red trimmings, something fashionistas world over are familiar with Louboutin’s shoes. Karl Lagerfeld’s contribution is a punching bag, yes he is ready for a fight. Karl also made a matching trunk for the punching bag.

Performance artist Cindy Sherman has come with a unique foldout trunk. It has drawers with labels, a makeup mirror and a stool. “At home in New York, I have shelves for fake eyeballs, fake nails, eyelashes, and things like that. So it became a little traveling studio in a way,” Cindy told Louis Vuitton team when they asked “Well, what if we did a trunk? In your ideal fantasy world, what would you like?

Louis Vuitton - The Icon and The Iconoclasts 2

Marc Newson, Apple’s newest design hire came up with a backpack. Why he created it? “Often my inspiration is simply to create something I personally want to use. I’d like people to use it like any other backpack, as an excellent travel companion. But not for camping, obviously.”

“Bag With Holes” is the contribution from Rei Kawakubo. Holes created by the burnt out look reveals its inner lining.

As fits for an architect, Frank Gerhy whose creations include the Fondation Louis Vuitton gave a bag a little bit of architecture style. His creation is a rectangular box with a twist. “I think a curve is feminine, and it just adds a feminine touch. We made 10 variations, but they loved that one. We all did,” said Gerhy of his bag.


Source: Business of Fashion

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