Louis Vuitton Fantasy Boxes – A Luxury Just For New York Flagship Store

Louis Vuitton Fantasy Boxes

Only the super rich need apply. Well, you and I cannot afford these new six-piece luxury Louis Vuitton Fantasy Boxes Collection. French fashion house just released these new trunks and boxes for their New York City flagship and only for this store. If you are a collector of anything luxury you are going to need one or two of these fancy trunks.

Would you really spend a few thousand dollars for a trunk like the one above to carry beautiful flowers? I guess there are those who do that, probably not fresh cut flowers. Go ahead, buy it and put anything you want in it. It is your money and your LV monogrammed luxury trunk.

The most interesting piece in the collection is the Boombox inspired colorful trunk. I think they can expect a call from one of Michael Jackson, Madonna, Cindy Lauper or Lionel Richie – eighties seriously want their Boombox back. To make the trunk they used a combination of leathers including one with LV monogram print.

Louis Vuitton Fantasy Boxes Looks like this LV monogram covered case is a good candidate to store your pricey wine collection while on transit or for any other handle with care valuables that need individual compartments. Either way, this is too stylish not to splash some dough on it.

Louis Vuitton Fantasy Boxes This set of trunks is in three different sizes in black and white Monogram Eclipse canvas. Perfect for those who take long and short trips regularly to carry their stuff in an old-fashioned suitcase.

Louis Vuitton Fantasy Boxes A shoe trunk with room for 15 pairs and a couple of compartments for maintaining kits is all a shoeaholic fashionista need. The fashionable trunk is covered in LV monogram. Bring your Manolos, Jimmy Choos, and Louboutins.

Louis Vuitton Fantasy Boxes Even though the store packed this with pricey Christmas decorations, I think this would be one of the perfect Louis Vuitton Fantasy Boxes to store your valuable jewelry and wristwatches.

Louis Vuitton Fantasy Boxes

Source: Luxury Launches

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