A New Mercedes? A Trip Around The World? Or $55K Louis Vuitton City Steamer MM Handbag?

Louis Vuitton City Steamer MM

If you know anything about fashion, Louis Vuitton will be one of the top five things that will come to your mind. The iconic French fashion house has launched it most expensive bag this season – the City Steamer MM that made its debut on the brand’s cruise 2016 runway in Palm Springs. And if you are the one to pick the bag as an option from the above question, then you probably have the new Mercedes and have taken a cruise around the world as this recherche piece will cost you more than both those options.

How expensive is most expensive you ask? Well, this bag will cost you $55,000 to up your fashion game. The City Steamer MM is found in the ‘Rare and Exceptional’ section of the Louis Vuitton Official website, living true to its status.

The sleek City Steamer pays homage to House heritage while offering a host of new signature twists. It’s a statement bag but also doubles up as a business bag with enough room for all your files and important papers; after all that very business has made you capable enough to purchase this collectible handbag and LV makes sure you will be on top of your corporate and fashion game with this purse.

The City Steamer MM is carved out of genuine alligator skin and embellished with golden metallic pieces to take sparkle up a notch. The design features the nametag with a metallic LV signature along with the engraved and faceted padlock. The bag features an LV circle hot-stamped on the rear side finished with cowhide interiors. The nude colored number also comes with a removable 65 cm leather strap making it versatile enough to be carried on your wrist, worn as a classic on the shoulder or even draped as a sling bag.

+55,000 points to the person who will be investing in this bag and getting on top of the business-and-bling life game. Would you consider buying this bag over a new Mercedes or a world cruise?


Source: Louis Vuitton

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