Christian Louboutin Spring/Summer Tribalou Collection

Someone spied on someone else’s design notes accidentally, I would imagine. For Valentine’s Day Louis Vuitton released the tribal design inspired Tribal Mask Collection. As it happens Christian Louboutin also has a new collection based on the same theme, named the Tribalou Collection this is part of footwear brands Spring/Summer collection. Most definitely a fun collection, the range includes handbags and footwear in multicolored leather prints and in designs intend to scare everyone.

The Tribalou Collection is now available for pre-order and is expected in stores on 03/26/2015. All signs point to a collection already in demand, the Passage Mini Tribalou bag is already sold out in the US online store. Also of note is Louboutin online stores in UK, France, Hong Kong and others offer more items from the collection than the US store.

The Aliosha Tribalou Backpack – $2,295
Christian Louboutin - Aliosha Tribalou Backpack This is the perfect bag for sporty-type fashionista on the go. To carry all your necessities in style around the world or in town it has spacious interiors and multiple pockets to go with, while keeping your things neatly organized.

Passa Mini Tribalou – $3,195
Christian Louboutin Passage Mini Tribalou Louboutin promises this vibrant colored bag to be a showstopper, just one look and you know they are right. This one reminds me of Fendi’s Peekaboo Bag with Crocodile Eyes – equally scary looking. You can carry this in more than one way because it boasts chic passage handles, a leather hand strap and detachable shoulder strap.

Vagachina – $1,245
Christian Louboutin - Vagachina This one has a funky heel that is 120 mm high. The Vagachina is here to spice up your wardrobe with a touch of native influence. It features a tribal-chic pattern of multicolored leather and suede.

Puebla – $1,475
Christian Louboutin - Puebla Another one of 120 mm heeled sandals, Puebla is for fashionistas who never dress down. This very sexy pair features a tribal print suede upper and narrow leather cord details. It comes finished with a buckle fasten and a fluorescent yellow heel.

Source: Christian Louboutin

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