Linda Farrow Unveils World’s Most Expensive Sunglasses Will Set You Back $45,000

Linda Farrow Sunglasses At Harvey Nichols 1

Summer in the northern hemisphere is almost over, but it’s just starting in the southern hemisphere. If you are heading Down Under, South Africa or Argentina for their summer, how about a pair of new luxe sunglasses? Not just any sunglasses but world’s most expensive stylish eyewear from British luxury brand Linda Farrow. If you are shopping in London at this very moment, head over to luxury department store Harvey Nichols and grab one of the 20 limited edition pairs for £27,000, yes that’s the price for a pair!

Each pair of luxe sunglasses has a frame encrusted with diamonds, and its lenses are plated with 24 karat gold. For those fashionistas with lighter wallets, there is a plain pair of gold-plated sunglasses with a price tag of just £7,000.

Linda Farrow Sunglasses At Harvey Nichols 2

Back in January, Linda Farrow teamed up with Key of Aurora, the online luxury retailer and introduced a pair of sunglasses made with 18 karat white gold and studded with white diamonds for $28,310. The Harvey Nichols limited edition now takes the crown as the most expensive pair of sunglasses at £27,000, which converts to around $45,000.

Linda Farrow Sunglasses At Harvey Nichols 3


Source: ITV News

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