Limited Edition “Open Side” Cufflinks With Tourbillon Inside From TF Est. 1968

TF Est. 1968 Open side Cufflinks 1

Swiss accessory maker TF Est. 1968 is adding new cufflinks to its Tourbillion range. Named Tourbillion Open Side, these cufflinks are a perfect match for wearer’s tourbillon watch. The collection will be arriving this summer as a limited edition of 1968 numbered pieces each in three color combinations – steel against black, rose gold-plated against black and chocolate brown on a ‘vanilla’ ground. A highlight of the new collection is its transparent body that allows for better view of the tourbillion’s movement.

The tourbillon is housed in a steel cage decorated with carbon motifs. Its mechanism is powered by the movements of the wearer’s wrist, and encased beneath a sapphire-treated crystal to ensure quality and resistance. A smart spring clasp system hold and fix cufflinks firmly to the shirt cuff. The Open Side cufflinks are strongly built to withstand knocks, water-resistant and shock-resistant.

TF Est. 1968 Open side Cufflinks 2 TF Est. 1968 Open side Cufflinks 3


Source: Watchonista

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